Digital Currencies Are a New Asset Class

A New Way to Monetise Effort

Global Projects can now create reward mechanisms which incentivise the participation of a global community. This transcends traditional VC or Private Equity routes to capital.

This enables Founders to spend more time building the business and less time running to endless investor meetings.

24x7x365 Liquidity

There are no opening or closing hours for exchanges, digital currencies never stop trading.

The combined daily trading volumes of the leading exchanges is already in excess of half a billion dollars per pay with Bitcoin (BTC) & Ethereum (ETH) being the most actively traded.

Increased Diversification

In a world where asset classes are increasingly correlated, investors need to find to find new assets which are priced independently.

An increasing number of professional asset managers are now establishing ``crypto-funds`` as a means to provide clients with access to this emergent asset class and to diversify their clients portfolios into this new £100bn+ economic segment.